Sunday, May 8, 2016

Jennifer Aniston is not making “Friends” movie

Jennifer Aniston is not making “Friends” movie. Gossip Cop confirms that the report is a hoax. jennifer aniston
One blog wrote, “Jennifer Aniston Talking ‘Friends’ Film After Box Office Disasters. Jennifer Aniston’s most recent effort at the box office has resulted in a major flop and rumors are swirling that Aniston’s career in entertainment really can’t afford another bomb on her record. Which is why she is finally talking about making a ‘Friends’ film.”

“Jen knows she needs a box office hit or her film career will be over. Like SJP did with the ‘Sex and the City’ movies, Jen wants to turn the TV show into a hit film. She has met with writers and is starting to develop a script. She needs a hit, fast.”


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