Friday, May 26, 2017

Justin Theroux draw a unicorn tattoo on Conan O'Brien

Justin Theroux draw a unicorn tattoo on Conan O'Brien on his show Monday. Justin revealed about his tattoos on his legs, 'They're covered in tattoos. That's why I do all my experimental tattoos down on my legs—literally. If I have a tattoo I don't want to commit to, I'll just stick it on my legs, because I know no one's going to see them ever.'

'You tattoo stuff on your body that you're not sure about?'.

'Some of my favorite tattoos are on my legs. You can't put too much thought into it, otherwise you won't do it.'

'They were over at the pool and they wanted to get little temporary tattoos, so we busted out the Sharpies and we did some temporary tattoos on his children'.

'They wanted them. They're not getting anything [bad]. They're just getting ladybugs and unicorns—stuff like that. I just encourage it. Jason hates it! Jason's like, 'Can you grab the non-temporary marker and maybe not do that?''


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