Friday, July 29, 2016

Jennifer Aniston lookalike is battling breast cancer

Jennifer Aniston lookalike is battling breast cancer. She would like her idol to act as her in a movie. She said, My ultimate number one would be [for Jennifer Aniston]... to play me in a movie as a celebrity lookalike single mum fighting cancer, which is a long shot but you never know what will happen.'

She has been travelling the world with her daughter Danielle-Skye. Some of the countries were Amsterdam, Malta, Brussels, Cambodia, Laos, Taiwan, Australia, Fiji, London, Caribbean, Mexico, Ireland, Hawaii, Copenhagen and other places.

Jennifer added,  'I want to give my daughter a lot of memories, that way if I don't beat cancer she'll have a lot of memories with her Mum, the Jennifer Aniston lookalike.'


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