Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jennifer Aniston does not miss her 30s

Normally women will not feel happy when they reach their 40's but for Jennifer Aniston, she is currently happy with her age and she does not miss her 30s at all, where she was married to Brad Pitt at that time.

She said, "That there's nothing to worry about -- although I don't think I had a care in the world at 25, either. That all started in my  30s, my awkward phase. I'm a little bit of a late bloomer! But it doesn't matter to me because  it just gets better. They do say youth is wasted on the young, but I feel just as youthful now -- if not more —  than I did when I was 25. I'm more in my body; I'm more in my mind. Life is full. Life is wonderful. We're very, very fortunate."


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