Monday, November 16, 2009

Blake Lively wants to have hair like Jennifer Aniston

any ladies would like to have Blake Lively's hairstyle and Blake finds it strange. When she was small, she admired Jennifer Aniston's hair.

She tells Billy Bush about people's admiration about her hair, “It’s crazy.It’s very flattering. It’s kind of weird reading that because, you know, here I was when I was a kid wanting my hair to look like Jennifer Aniston’s.”

Then she continues“The way I do my hair in the morning, when I go to set on Gossip Girl, I just put my hair in a bun dry it and just twist it up in a ballerina bun, do my make-up and take it out and then it’s wavy. I like my hair to look not too done. I think it looks pretty if it looks like maybe it was curled the day before and then you wake up and it’s just like the sexy, messy look.”


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