Monday, November 24, 2008

Jennifer Aniston is ideal date for Thanksgiving

Jennifer Aniston picture
Jennifer Aniston, and has compile a list of ideal date for thankgiving from a new survey of thousands of singles nationwide. For men category, first place went to George Clooney whereas for women category, first place went to Jennifer Aniston.

Below are the results:

George Clooney 31%
Prince William 18%
Tom Brady 13%
Jake Gyllenhaal 12%
President Elect Obama 10% Halle Berry 7%
David Archuleta 8% Mary Louise Parker 5%
Brad Pitt 3% Kiera Knightly 4%
Adrian Grenier 3% Natalie Portman 4%
P. Diddy 2% Madonna 1%

Jennifer Aniston 35%
Reese Witherspoon 23%
Anne Hathaway 12%
Jessica Biel 9%
Halle Berry 7%
Mary Louise Parker 5%
Kiera Knightly 4%
Natalie Portman 4%
Madonna 1%


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