Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Amy Sedaris revealed of being Justin Theroux's bestman

Amy Sedaris revealed of being Justin Theroux's bestman. She said during Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, "She had three friends, she had three ladies. And Justin had like 8 best men, I mean I was a best man, but eight whatever you call them, groomsmen. You were so focused on them as a couple and really it was a perfect wedding. It was perfect."
Amy Sedaris

"They didn't want any gifts. I did end up giving Justin a braille ashtray. Cause I gave him one a long time ago and he lost it, or it broke. So I gave him a new braille ashtray. It was made in the 50's; it's for blind people. "It's just the alphabet and then it has a seeing eye dog in the center."


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