Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jennifer Aniston bought wine cellar

Jennifer Aniston spent a fortune of her house renovation. She has bought a wine cellar..

A source told British magazine Grazia, "Jen and Justin have very different hobbies and interests, so it was important to her that the new home allows them to express themselves without getting under each other's feet. Jen has had a £2 million, 1,600 sq ft wine cellar and a £600,000 clay-room spa built, where you can rub healing Korean clay - known for its detoxification properties - into your skin."

"Jen is a fan of Mexican food, so she also has a £730,000 oven in the garden, as well as a margarita fountain (a special machine for mixing drinks that looks like a water feature)."

"And part of the house has a retractable roof, so when it's sunny they can have an indoor/outdoor living experience."

"Jen has created a cork-covered soundproof room, which she's nicknamed the 'the cave'. It's a place where Justin can have his friends over and they can play music and jam with their instruments, which is what he loves doing in his down time. He loves the outdoors, so Jen built him his own retreat in the garden."


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