Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The reason behind cupping marks behind Jennifer Aniston's back

Jennifer Aniston's back was spotted with cupping marks when she attended the premiere of her movie Call Me Crazy. The reason behind the cupping marks were revealed.

A source told British magazine Grazia, "Jen and Justin are keen to get pregnant sooner rather than later. Jen's a fan of cupping and has had it before to assist with anxiety. But it can also help boost fertility and it could certainly be one of the reasons she's having it done now."

"Jen's always said she wants to conceive naturally and is very open to exploring natural therapies to help

her. She's been inspired by Halle's recent news, and apparently it was Gwyneth Paltrow who told her how

cupping can encourage fertility."

"Jen loves it, she says it's been brilliant to cleanse her system and she feels amazing. She's already got an

incredible glow about her so it is a wonder she's not pregnant already. She's being optimistic about things,

but she's disappointed not to have had any luck so far. Justin tells her it's only a matter of time and is

doing everything he can to keep her stress free," the source continued. "He's incredibly supportive and is so

excited about becoming a dad, but he's not pressuring her in any way."


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