Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jennifer Aniston's first wedding was stressful

Jennifer Aniston's first wedding to Brad Pitt was rather lavish and stressful. The wedding costs $1 million but she will be having a rather simple wedding when it comes to Justin Theroux.

Party planner Kevin said: "They won't be blowing millions on an over-the-top wedding with hundreds of people they barely know. Brad wanted that when she married him, and she got caught up in having a huge day. It was ultimately so stressful that she couldn't really take time to  enjoy it. So it's going to be small and low-key so they feel relaxed."

"She's so in love, she's found her soulmate, and really, that's all that matters. It's about celebrating and spending time with family and their closest friends. There will be a meaningful ceremony with heartfelt, loving vows and a wonderful meal. Jen's pure class and style, so expect lots of sweet, romantic touches."


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