Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jennifer Aniston can't get along with Stiller's wife Christine Taylor

Jennifer Aniston's fiancee Justin has been friends with Ben Stiller for years but Aniston just can't get along with Stiller's wife,  Christine Taylor.

A source said, "It's awkward, but Jen isn't comfortable around Christine. She can't bring herself to tell Justin because she knows it'll hurt him."

"Justin and Ben have been pals for more than 20 years, but Jen hasn't liked Christine since press reports claimed they were 'close friends' after they were seen in Hawaii together with their men."

"She wonders if Christine is using her to advance her career."

"Jen can't find common ground with Ben's conservative wife. Jen and Christine are just really different people. Jen feels uncomfortable around Christine, who is quite proper, and gets along better with edgy women like Chelsea Handler."


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