Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jennifer Aniston's fiancee Justin hire celebrity stylist Kate Young for her new stylist

Jennifer Aniston's new outlook is because her fiancé Justin Theroux has hired celebrity stylist Kate Young as her new stylist.

A source revealed British magazine Grazia, "Justin has been the driving force behind Jen's stunning new look. He introduced her to Kate. Kate has been encouraging Jen to let go of her more conventional fashion taste and go for more daring outfit choices, like the black Tom ford dress. It's out with the beige and in with the brilliant. Justin loves it."

"For years, Jen has only worn taupe and pale varnish colours because she's been paranoid about her hands. But Kate's told her to stop being silly, even getting her to try out a bright red for the first time to make her look more sexy."


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