Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jennifer Aniston warns Katy Perry about John Mayer

According to OK! magazine, Jenifer Aniston warned Katy Perry about John Mayer. She does not want to Katy to get hurt, the same thing happened to her before lasttime.

A friend of Jenifer’s said, “Katy should really watch out. Take it from Jen. She’s been there and done that. And it took her years to recover.” John is a notorious ladies man, and Jen is not the only famous lady who’s had her fingers burnt by him, as both of his former girlfriends — Taylor Swift and Jessica Simpson — know all-too-well about his playboy behavior.

 “Jennifer gave John more than a year to prove himself as marriage material. Katy needs to be warned about John’s hypnotic ways before its too late.”

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