Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jennifer Aniston feels that she is no more young

Jennifer Aniston feels that she is not getting young and because of that, she is getting some help from experts. Well, for me, as long you have money, you can make yourself young. That's the advantage of being rich.

One source told Britain’s Now magazine, “Jen’s been visiting her New York-based dermatologist Dr Amy Wechsler a lot over the past few months. She’s been leaning on her a lot recently, not just when she’s in New York but also for phone consultations."

“They’re both into the whole mind-body connection, so they do chanting and visualization. And Jen loves that Dr Wechsler believes in being very subtle with her work. It’s painstaking but the finished product speaks for itself.”

“She’s tried to cut down because she knows how aging it is, but she just can’t — even though it dehydrates her skin and causes her to look puffy the next day,” explained the pal.

“She thinks she looks saggy now.

“It’s a struggle for any woman to get old, but to age in the public eye is even harder. To top it off, she’s still single, so not only does she have to face scrutiny over her looks, she also has to live up to the expectations of the guys she dates — most of whom are way younger than her.”


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