Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jennifer Aniston no more contact Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston no more keep in touch with her former husband Brad Pitt. She knows Brad will stay on with Angelina Jolie and won't return back to her.

A source told American tabloid the National Enquirer “Jen is absolutely done with Brad; she has no intention of staying in touch with him anymore and is looking forward to starting a brand new chapter in her life."

“The ongoing communication she had with Brad was getting in the way of her ability to lead a normal life."

“He was leading Jen along and using her as a shoulder to cry on, but playing with her head every step of the way. Jen now realizes that for all the promises and small talk, Brad had no real intention of leaving Angie."

“She feels strung along and pretty burned by the whole experience.”

“As far a Jen’s concerned, Angelina is welcome to Brad and all his issues,” the source added. “She’s seen how out-of-control he’s been at film premieres and parties recently, and that’s the last thing she wants in her life on a daily basis."

“As much as she loves Brad and always will, Jen wants to be free from all the drama and dysfunction — once and for all!”


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