Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer only pretend to be loving at Oscars?

They were spotted looking very happy together at the Oscars but actually they split before the event. It was just an acting.

This is what The Enquirer reported:
And now, the Oscar for “Best Phony Couple” goes to…(drum roll)…Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, who masqueraded at the Academy Awards as a loving couple - despite their top-secret bustup only days before - just because insecure Jen suddenly panicked over confronting sexy ex Brad Pitt and Hubba Hubba Angelina Jolie without a devoted hunk of man candy dangling at her arm.

But then later, after chilling a bit, horrified Jen suddenly remembered a major date she’d forgotten in all the emotion. Tracking John down, she gasped: “Omigod! What about the Oscars! You’ll still go with me to the Oscars…won’t you?”

Luckily, the singer hadn’t blabbed about the breakup to anyone -and, knowing she’d hate solo-ing it down the red carpet under Angelina’s baleful glare - he gallantly told Jen, “Hey, I wouldn’t let you down. I’d be happy to escort you.”

[From The National Enquirer print version, April 13, 2009]


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