Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jennifer Aniston angry when John prefer spend time with his brothers

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Jennifer Aniston

During her recent Mexico holiday, she was feeling unhappy when her boyfriend prefer to spend more time with his brothers.

A source tells British magazine Now, "Jen was distressed for most of her time in Mexico because John was more interested in hanging out with his brothers Carl and Ben than with her.

"At first, she was happy for him to invite them because her friends, including Courteney Cox and Sheryl Crow, were coming along and she thought, 'The more the merrier.' But once it became apparent that John wanted it to be a boys' holiday and she was secondary, she got very upset.

"She couldn't believe that he chose to spend most nights in the villas Carl and Ben rented elsewhere in the resort, leaving her on her own. She was really embarrassed because he made no effort to keep up appearances for the sake of her friends.

"John doesn’t receive half as much attention on his own. So even though he acts like he's this elusive, private character, there's a part of him that loves it.

"Jen's friends don't trust him. She's desperate to make it work with him after Mexico, but now she's having her doubts, too."


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