Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jennifer Aniston extreme concern about cleanliness!

Jennifer Aniston picture
Jennifer Aniston

According to sources, Jennifer Aniston is extreme concern about cleanliness. When she greets people, she has the habit of using hand sanitizer.

An insider says, “Jen has become nearly obsessed with cleanliness and it’s driving everyone around her up the wall. When friends come to her house, Jen insists they use a bathroom that’s reserved for guests only. She carries hand sanitizer in her purse so she can do the ‘wipe-down’. In public, she’s constantly wiping grocery carts, hand rails, elevator buttons, door knobs, and anything else she comes in contact with.”

Wow, talking about hygiene. This is really too extreme. Better if she stays at home. Once you are outside the house, you can't avoid germs.


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