Friday, July 18, 2008

Jennifer Aniston spent $20,000 a-month on beauty treatments

Jennifer Aniston picture
Jennifer Aniston

According to reports, ever since she started dating John Mayer, who is junior than her, she has spend a large sum of money to make maintain her beauty. Guess how much? $20,000-a-month! Wow, with that kind of money, I prefer to buy gold for investment.

A source to America’s National Enquirer magazine said, “Jen is doing whatever it takes to hold back time - short of plastic surgery.”

She spend the money on private instruction with top yoga guru Mandy Ingber and personal training sessions($3,000), a private chef to cook organic, high-protein, low-fat meals ($3,500 a month) and a friend revealed “Jen is insecure about her legs, so she goes for anti-cellulite spa sculpting treatments twice a month. They cost $1,000 a session, but Jen swears that the sculpting keeps her skin supple and smooth.
She calls the treatments ‘necessary tune-ups.”


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