Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jennifer Aniston is eating for two

When Jennifer Aniston was on her Mexican vacation with her fianc√© Justin Theroux, she ate a lot and didn't bother the amount of fat.

A source said, “Jen really let herself go while she was in Mexi­co."

“She stuck to her rigid routine of daily power yoga, jogging, Pilates and circuit training all year long. So when she got the opportunity to kick back with the love of her life, all she wanted to do was take it easy. She forgot about her strict diet of steamed fish and green juices."

“Jen thought nothing of ordering up bowls of fresh guacamole with fried chips in the middle of the night, and then gorging on fish tacos and refried beans in the daytime."

“She ate pancakes in the mornings and ex­tra large burritos for dinner. After packing in all that stuff, it’s no wonder she’s got friends wondering if she’s pregnant!”


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