Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jennifer Aniston doesn't mind Bradley Cooper pick Renee

The gossips were spreading that Jennifer Aniston felt “screwed over” by Bradley Cooper. That wasn't true. Infact, she was feeling bored of Bradley.

A source that is close to Jennifer tells OK! mag: “Jen didn’t care that Cooper was enjoying being single and seeing other people. So is she. Now that Bradley and Renee’s relationship has intensified, Jen is bored with the whole thing. She’s saying he can have her.”

The source continues saying: “She’s less interested in Renee than in why she’d choose someone who would be interested in someone like Renee. She’s disappointed in herself more than anything, because she thought that after all the trial and error since marriage [ended] she’d gained more insight. She’s not going to play games and compete with Renee in any way, shape or form. Bradley is out. And from what she’s telling me, it’s no great loss.”


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